Osteopathie AFO

AFO, a representative organization of the profession since 2003, sits on the national advisory committee for the approval of osteopathic training establishments and takes part in national negotiations on the profession.
AFO & SNOF formalized the profession in 2007 reintroduce in January 2008 the cranial and visceral (skills, actions, teaching), require the compliance of university degrees with our curriculum. To achieve the training benchmark provided for by the texts of March 27, 2007, the benchmarks for activities and skills for the profession were produced in 2009 by the Department of Psychosocial and Cognitive Engineering of the University of Rennes II.

Our services Osteopathy

Cardiology - Angiology

Receive special medical attention for internal medicine concerns related to your cardiovascular health.


Receive immediate care for all joints and tissue disorders from a team of professionals.

Obstetric Gynecology

Receive the best diagnosis, treatment, and therapy programs for all cardio-related issues.

Promotion Biomechanics Applied To Traditional Osteopathy

The French association of osteopathy AFO in Montpellier in Hérault (34) promotes in particular biomechanics applied to traditional osteopathy . We also manipulate the musculoskeletal system , the spine , limbs , skull , viscera .

Exclusive Practice Of Traditional Osteopathy

Our well-equipped staff and facility offer the best medical support for patients suffering from joint pain and tissue-related issues.

Promotion Of The Exclusive Practice Of Osteopathy

We have built a collection of solutions to treat muscle and joint pain during pregnancy with a series of osteopathy practices.

Defense Of Practitioners

We are a licensed facility that has the best experience in the industry to provide quality care and solutions during pregnancy.

Diversity Of Opportunities

We offer a range of facilities to help you receive quality care at every step of your pregnancy.

High-Level Training

Our team of experts is highly trained professionals working under a license to practice osteopathy.

What our people say

Thank you for everything the entire team has done for my family during my pregnancy days. It was truly worth it.
Betty J Hill
The entire staff at their facility is friendly and supportive throughout the prenatal period. struggle for anything while I was there.
Mattie C Ovellette

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What is a burpee : a quick tutorial

What is a burpee full tutorial

Burpees, the ally of the silhouette
What is a burpee ? This very complete movement, which combines the plank position, push-ups and a jump, is excellent for toning the entire body. Indeed, it allows to solicit, at high intensity, the majority of the muscles of the bottom, as of the top of the body. Abs, arms, shoulders, thighs, buttocks… Many muscles work simultaneously while performing this movement.

A great ally to sculpt a harmonious figure! But to get results, you must not only perform the movement correctly, but also train regularly. Also, think of increasing the rhythm (and the difficulty) little by little, to make work the cardio and spend a maximum of calories.

On a daily basis, at home or at the gym, you can easily include a few burpees in your little sports routine. And in order not to get exhausted too quickly, because this movement requires energy, think of recovering for 1 to 2 minutes, by walking between two series (of 5, 10, 20 burpees, or even more…)

How to do Burpees (well) / What is exactly a burpee ?
Here is the movement, broken down step by step, (to be done as quickly as possible!)

Step 1 : Starting position

Stand up straight, feet together, arms at your side.

Step 2 : Squatting position

Squat down and place your hands, palms on the ground in front of you, your legs are bent and you are on the front of your feet.

Step 3 : Pump position

With a little impulse, stretch your arms and, simultaneously, extend your legs by releasing your feet, slightly spread, behind you. Be careful while releasing your feet to sheath your abs well not to hurt your knees. Also, be careful not to arch your back in the plank position.

Step 4 : Ready for the impulse…

Build momentum on your arms so you can jump and bring your body back to a standing position.

Step 5: Jump!


What is a burpee full tutorial

On momentum, follow through and jump up into the air, keeping your back straight and raising your arms above your head. Come back to the initial position… before starting the sequence again.

Variation, to go further: if you feel comfortable with burpees, add push-ups in the movement! When you are in the push-up position (step 3), do one or two push-ups before standing up.

The right tip
A good pair of sneakers with cushioning is a must for this type of exercise. They not only allow you to be comfortable in the movement, but also to reduce the shock when jumping.

Bodyweight tricep exercises : What you must know!

bodyweight tricep exercises : If you’re like me, it’s in your best interest to learn how to properly work your biceps. Most people who start working out don’t know how to develop their biceps and get poor results despite hard training. So how do you develop your biceps, even if you train at home?

You need to follow these 6 rules, some of which may surprise you:

Lift lighter loads
Engage the right muscles through concentration
Maintain a constant tension in the biceps
Consume enough calories (especially protein)
Get enough rest for the muscles being worked
Control the time under tension
Don’t worry, you’ll understand everything by reading the rest of the article…

It’s hard to have big biceps!
To tell you the truth, I grew up with a pair of toothpicks hanging from my shoulders?

I swam in every shirt with several inches of cotton flapping in the wind above each elbow. I grew at an incredible rate, gaining 22 cm in 9 months at the age of 11. I’m not a giant by any means, as I’m about 1.86 m tall, but I was almost full grown by the time I was 14.

The problem was that I was terribly asthmatic and sports, including weight training programs, were not part of my daily routine… I had to wait until I was 16 to start shaking things up a bit. And I did well, even if I didn’t always do it well, and even often like a dick?

And the advice I received later in the weight room was not much better. I was put on programs that took hours just for one muscle group. This was the great era of pyramid training (great for bodybuilders, but not for beginners starting from scratch).

In fact, it was a good technique for weight loss, but not for a strength training program.

Result: I did gain a lot of stamina without ever getting bigger biceps.

If you’re also struggling to work your biceps properly and build size, here’s something to help you out…

Discover 6 secrets to working your biceps
Working the biceps for mass gain

1. Lift less weight for bigger biceps

Does this surprise you?

It’s true that we often stress the importance of using heavier loads or higher tensions for mass gain for a large muscle group.

But when it comes to training biceps for big arms, that’s not the best solution. Instead, all you’re likely to get first is an elbow problem before you get a huge bicep. And this is even more true if you are over 50, like me! Lifting too heavy is the best way to get tendonitis rather than building up your biceps.

This is especially true with dumbbells, since elastic tubing is more likely to work the biceps than the joints. But you still need to be careful and choose the right resistance.

There’s no need to pile on the cast iron discs to do heavy barbell curl sets. Instead, try to go lighter and do sets of 10 to 15 reps with a dumbbell in each hand so you don’t get a locked-in wrist.

If possible, start your biceps workout with hammer grip curls. Do the same with the elastic band, because it is the best exercise to develop the volume of the biceps brachii. Read the linked article to understand its importance.

And above all, even if the load or tension seems a little low, contract the muscle as hard as possible with each repetition. As if you wanted to crush it at the end of the movement. That doesn’t mean you should use a pair of cotton swabs 🙂

Work the biceps with light loads
This is not bodybuilding equipment
But choose a weight or resistance that allows you to achieve at least 10-12 reps with good form, i.e. without cheating the movement.

Don’t let your ego take control of your arms when you work out, even if you go to a gym. And remember, when it comes to building biceps, it’s rarely the ones who lift the heaviest that have the biggest. I learned that the hard way…

2. You need to engage the right muscles

To understand me, use your visual memory. Imagine yourself doing a dumbbell or elastic band curl to build up your biceps. You contract your biceps as hard as you can during the lift. That’s good!

Now, as you bring the arm back to the starting position, consciously contract your triceps and try to push the bar back toward the floor. You’re basically working your biceps and triceps together, kind of like they’re in conflict… but the biceps should win anyway 😉

Obviously you are working with gravity, not against it. So the dumbbells, EZ bar or elastic band are bound to return to their original position. By using this trick, you will get a more intense contraction during your biceps exercises. This is true for every exercise, and especially for a pupil curl (also called Larry Scott) or your hammer grip curls.

Here’s an example of hammer grip curls to work the biceps with a rubber band:

When using this technique for your isolation exercises, be sure to take 2-3 seconds for the negative portion of each repetition.

This naturally leads to the next tip…


3. Maintain a constant tension in the biceps

As you pump your arms with your longer sets, you need to consciously maintain a constant tension on the biceps or brachialis muscle.

This is even more important with dumbbells than with resistance bands. Indeed, when you want to work your biceps with an elastic tube, the tension is stronger at the top. If you use this type of equipment, you know that the biceps remain more contracted at the top than at the bottom. Thus, it is almost impossible to release the tension at the time of the flexion.

This is one of the reasons why I think that elastic resistors are a better weight training equipment overall.

To summarize, and especially if you’re using free weights, stop a bit before the elbow lockout at the bottom and top of each repetition throughout the sets. Also favor the rotational curl with dumbbells instead of a straight bar. Failing that, use an EZ bar. It is less traumatic for the elbows.

This technique will ensure better muscle growth without causing unnecessary injury. If you are serious about building muscle at home with only 2 dumbbells and a bench, you can do so by following this program:

4. For bigger biceps, feed them

Are you aware of this?

All the bodybuilding exercises in the world are useless (or almost useless) without the right nutrition. And working the biceps is no exception. To create muscle growth, you need to give your body what it needs when it needs it.

So how do you feed the muscle?

I’m not going to go into detail here, as you’ll find many articles on this subject throughout this site. But, you must give your muscles the energy they need during training, for example with good quality carbohydrates.

Then you need to refuel after training by consuming what your body needs to grow. This includes quality protein and healthy fats.

If possible, eat as soon as possible after your workout to promote mass gain. Ideally, within an hour of your workout. Remember, you will need to take in excess calories to help build muscle. However, these calories should be rich in high quality nutrients. Don’t eat everything that comes your way!

You should especially eat protein and vegetables at every meal.

5. Give your biceps enough rest

I already explained this point in the article on muscle recovery. Especially if your exercises to build biceps lead you to what is called muscle failure, you need to give them time to recover. In reality, they are rebuilding themselves a little bigger during this time!

This is actually part of the basics of strength training, including working the biceps properly. You are destroying muscle fibers so that your body understands that it needs to provide you with stronger ones for the next time 🙂

So it would be a shame to sabotage the effects of the previous session by being impatient. Let the amino acids do their work! So, for bigger arms, give your body a minimum of 48 hours to repair them. It will be all the better prepared for the next session.


6. Use the right technique to work your biceps

Are you counting the time you strain during your sessions?

I guess not. In fact, almost no one does, not even me! Except that the amount of time your muscles are under tension is a very important factor in getting bigger arms. More important than you think. In reality, increased muscle size comes in 2 forms:

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy
Myofibrillar or functional hypertrophy
Honestly, I don’t want to put you through all the technical details. You will find very good articles on the subject, such as this one. The important thing to remember is that your muscles need to stay under tension for at least 40 seconds in a set, which means that your movement should not be less than 4 seconds in resistance if you do 10 reps.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use momentum to lift the weight. This is what I explained in an article about the importance of not cheating the movements.

Focus on really working the muscles you are exercising for with controlled movements. In fact, you’ll do much better if you follow the first 3 tips in this article.

Conclusion for bigger biceps
Start using these 6 tips in your biceps workout programs today to build more muscle, and let me know how it works for you.

Everything about Osteopathy!


An osteopathic doctor is a physician who looks at a few parts of the body and aims to attain improvement in people’s overall health and fitness by not just their condition or disease they are facing but everything.
This also includes the doctors’ medicines, such as Massaging, stretching, and simply moving a muscle.

What do osteopathic doctors do?

These people take life licenses to prescribe the medicines, use some of the technological images to diagnose the patient, treat injury and illness, and take care of the surgery.

What does the osteopathic treatment include?

The treatment of osteopathic treatment includes fiscal release, soft tissue massage,
Gentle balancing, stretching, joint manipulation your joint will be released, intra-oral release of jaw and also Muscle Energy Techniques(MET)

What do these people treat?


Now we know that osteopathic doctors are concerned about the whole body performance. They need overall growth, but they are misled by people as there is bine(osteoid) in the name. Some of the things osteopathic doctors treat are back pain( both upper and lower), acute and chronic pain, pregnancy-related disorders, tendinitis muscle tear, sprain in the joints, pre and post-operative treatment, neck pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain, and many more.
Osteopathic doctors treat the whole body’s problems. So, it covers most of the pains and issues that may end or get recovered.

Advantages of being an osteopathic doctor


Noninvasive Treatment

One of the significant advantageous aspects is that it is a Noninvasive treatment. The treatment doesn’t include any surgeries to treat the patient. The techniques used here are usually relaxing rather than painful.

No medication

The general doctor usually gives the treatment that requires your physical tests and needs to consume many medicines. The medicines can have side effects on the body, and the body might not work correctly. But in osteopathic treatment, there are no medications involved. So the body does not face any consequences with the chemicals or any other. So, you can trust yourself and give a visit to an Osteopathy doctor without any worries.



Limited scope

As an osteopathic doctor, you can only treat people with minor injuries or severe issues. For example, it is impossible to treat patients with painful muscle or bone disorders and extreme injuries. It does not include any medications, so the treatment is also restricted.

Side effects

Soreness and fatigue are few kinds of side effects in affected areas. But, these side effects are only temporary and will stay for few days. It won’t be a burden or a worrying fact.